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Standard Price will go back soon to ₱ 10,997

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Live Session Masterclass ba sya?

    It's a Pre-Recorded lessons po, you can take the course at your own time, i designed the course as self paced learning system since majority of us won't be available on specific time if i will do the class live.

  • 2. How long the course will take?

    The completion of the course will highly depend sa time na ibibigay mo na aralin yung course since recorded lessons po sya. on average it will take around 2 months or less.

  • 3. May Certificate po ba after taking the course?

    For now wala po and the main reason is as far as my experience, certificates are not really necessary to get a client, what they really care about is your skills and knowledge and not the certificate you obtain and that's why i designed the course mainly on developing your skills and knowledge instead o relying on certificates to convince your potential clients.

  • 4. May Guide po ba kung papano at saan pwede maghanap ng client?

    Yes meron po, i will provide some tips and other information like what are the preperations na kelangan mo gawin before you look for a client like making an online portfolio.

  • 5. If may question ako, meron po bang Private Support Group?

    Yes, we do have private support group po where you can ask question anytime about the course, meron ding weekly live session for question and answer.

  • 6. Lifetime access po ba sya?

    Yes, lifetime access po sya.

  • 7. Meron bang live sessions for question and answer about the course? 

    Yes, we do have live sessions on a weekly basis, mostly every Saturday around 7PM, and in any case na hindi ka maka attend sa live session, it will recorded and uploaded sa support group natin para ma re-watch ng iba.

Learn How to work from Home and Earn Money Online as an Amazon Virtual Assistant

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Basic to Advance - Course Lessons Outline

Basic Amazon VA Lessons

  • Module 01 - Introduction and Amazon Common Terminologies

    1. What to expect on the Entire Amazon Seller VA Lessons
    2. What is Virtual Assistant
    3. What is E-commerce and Amazon Business
    4. How Amazon FBA works
    5. How Amazon FBM works
    6. How we can help Amazon FBA client as their VA
    7. What is Amazon Seller Central
    8. What is FBA and FBM
    9. What is ASIN
    10. What is SKU
    11. What is FNSKU Barcode
    12. What is UPC Barcode
    13. What is Buy Box
    14. What is Amazon PPC
    15. What is ACOS
    16. What is Amazon Brand Registry
    17. What is Enhance Brand Content
    18. What is Listing Hijackers
    19. What is What's the Difference between FNSKU and UPC Barcode

Amazon SEO Lessons

  • Module 02 - Amazon SEO

    1. Understanding How A10 Algorithm works
    2. How Organic Rankings in A9 Algorithm
    3. What is Keyword Indexing
    4. What is Amazon SEO
    5. Major Elements to Optimized on Product Listing
    6. What you need to know first before doing keyword Research
    7. Collecting and knowing your Best Competitors ASIN
    8. Extracting Keywords from Helium 10, Brand Analytics and PPC Search Term Report
    9. Cleaning up the Collected Keywords from Helium 10, Brand Analytics and PPC Search Term Report
    10. Create the Final Set of Polish words for Listing Optimization
    11. Getting the Search Volumes of your Final Keyword Bank
    12. What is the different types of keyword matches
    13. Creating an Optimized Product Listing Tips
    14. What is the realationship of Amaozon SEO to PPC
    15. Amazon A10 Algorithm Ranking Update
    16. Amazon SEO Exercise

Advance PPC Lessons

  • Module 03 - Amazon PPC Basics

    1. What is Amazon PPC Advertising
    2. Three Types of Campaign Creation
    3. Types of Keyword Matches Targeting
    4. Common PPC Advertising Terminologies.
    5. What are the information you need to know first before running PPC Campaigns ( Break even ACOS and ROAS )
    6. Overview of PPC Campaign Structure.
    7. How the PPC Advertising Auction System works

  • Module 04 - Sponsored Product Campaign

    1. Where is your Sponsored Product Campaign are gonna be visible.
    2. How to create Automatic PPC Campaign
    3. How to create Manual PPC Campaign - Keyword Targeting
    4. How to create Manual PPC Campaign - Product or Category Targeting
    5. What is Negative Targeting
    6. On what level on the Campaign Structure you can add Negatives
    7. Amazon PPC Funnel Structure Keyword Targeting Optimization - Auto, Broad, Phrase, Exact

  • Module 05 - Sponsored Brands Campaign

    1. Where is your Sponsored Brands Campaign are gonna be visible.
    2. How to create Amazon Store Fronts
    3. How to create Product Collections Sponsored Brands Ads
    4. How to create Store Spotlight Sponsored Brands Ads
    5. How to create Video Ads Sponsored Brands Ads

  • Module 06 - Sponsored Display Campaign

    1. Where is your Sponsored Display Campaign are gonna be visible.
    2. How to create Product or Competitors Targeting Display Ads
    3. How to create Audience Display Targeting Ads for Searches
    4. How to create Audience Display Targeting Ads for Views Remarketing
    5. How to create Audience Display Targeting Ads for Purchases

  • Module 07 - Amazon PPC - Advance

    1. What is PPC Search Term Report
    2. What is the different types of Campaign Reports
    3. What is Bulk File Report or Bulk File Operations
    4. How to Calculate Breakeven ACOS and ROAS and why you need to know this
    5. How to Analyze your PPC Search Term Report and making a Campaign decisions Manualy
    5. How to Analyze your PPC Search Term through Excel File Report
    6. Why you need to constantly analyze and update your negatives keywords list
    7. Basic Excel and Amazon PPC Formulas for Camapaigns Bulk File Management
    8. How to Analyze and do negatives the Normal way
    9. How to Analyze Negatives Keywords on PPC Search Term Report using Bulk File
    10. How to know if you are targeting the keyword already
    11. How to do Keyword Mining on PPC Search Term Report
    12.How to adjust your bids and paused Keyword using Bulk File
    13. How to Lower your PPC Ad Spent and Control the Budget
    14. How to make a sales velocity file report
    15. How to Calculate your PPC, Organic and Overall Profit
    16. What is Buy Box and why it is important in PPC Advertising
    17. Why Good Inventory Management is importand in PPC Advertising
    18. What is listing Hijacker and what you need to do with it
    19. How to make a competitor ASIN Targeting file for Product Targeting Campaigns
    20. PPC Management Tips and Decision Makings
    21. How to obtain Amazon Choice Badge and Best Seller Badge
    22. How to Organize your Campaign Structures
    23. What is Broad+ Keyword Match Type Targeting
    24. How to make decisons to your Campaign Manually through Seller Central
    25. How to Check Overall Campaign Performance after doing the Changes
    26. Basic Budget Optimization
    27. What is the Difference between Search Term and Keyword
    28. Checking Competitors Page if you are showing up on SDA Targeting
    29. Exact Match Single Keyword Campaign and Placement Bids
    30. Two Types of SDA or PT Set-up - Defensive, Offensive
    31. Placements Bids - Product Pages Add to Cart Page Placement
    32. Why do you need to create the overall profit report? ( To know the Final Profit from PPC and Organic )
    33. Why you need to always Check and monitor your Inventory level
    34. How to mine and check the history of your keyword targeting campaigns for relaunch ( Lifetime Record )
    35. New Product Launching Strategies - Version 1
    36. New Product Launching Strategies - Version 2 with Brand Registry
    37. How to read business report to make a decision for PPC Campaign
    38. What do to if you have a low buy box percentage
    39. How to Collect Best converting Search Terms
    40. What is Impression Share and Impression Rank Report
    41. Keyword Targeting Research through Helium 10 Cerebro - Amazon Choice Badge
    42. Brand Analytics - Alternative Purchase Products Data Report
    43. What is ACOS Saver Campaigns
    44. What is the Roles or Task of SEO and PPC as VA
    45. How to Analyze your competitors to do some adjustments for your own listing
    46. Morning Daily PPC Management Routine ( Checking Bleeders and Doing Negatives )
    47. Competitors ASIN mining strategy in Auto and Category Campaigns for ProductTargeting Ads
    48. Reading the History Velocity per SKU on Inventory
    49. How to make an Overview monthly sales report and Performance
    50. What is Honeymoon Product Launching Period?

  • Module 08 - How to make an Online Portfolio

    Learn how to magnet a client using an online portfolio.

  • Module 09 - My Actual Amazon Client Interview Deal Call Recording

    Two of my actual interview call recording1. Actual Interview Call - Dennis 2. Actual Interview Call - Carmen3. Actual Interview Call - Suely

How to offer FREE - Amazon SEO and PPC Audit to your client

  • Module 10 : How to offer FREE Audit to Client's SEO and PPC Accounts

    1. What is Amazon SEO and PPC Auditing and why you need to do it.
    2. Amazon SEO Audit
    3. Amazon PPC Audit Intro
    4. Evaluating the Campaign Structure
    5. Check the Product being advertised - atleast 3 months period
    6. Checking the Campaigns and Knowing which Campaign, Ad Group that are Under Performing, Bleeders and Money Makers
    7. Assess the Keyword and ASIN Targetings in PPC ( Manual and Auto and Match Types etc.)
    8. Negatives Keywords Management
    9. Downlading Reports on a Monthly Basis
    10. Reading the Report and presenting it to client

  • Module 11 : Client Prospecting - Tips and Preperations

    1. Skills and Knowledge Preparations
    2. Importance of Online Portfolio
    3. Social Media Networks Preperation
    4. Where to Prospect Clients
    5. Amazon FBA Sellers Groups Prospecting

Main Skills you will learn that you can offer to future clients

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Learn How to work from Home and Earn Money Online as an Amazon Virtual Assistant

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and so i decided to start Online Masterclass about working from home as freelancer more specially about Amazon Virtual Assistant to help them have an alternative of working while at home.
Our VA Course is built on understanding and long-term relations with clients. To survive in today's competitive and ever-changing business world, every business has to operate efficiently, grow, and succeed. It is very important to properly use the information and technology to stay rival within your market. We can help you push the boundaries and achieve the results you have planned.

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